Dry Cleaning

This is the form of cleaning we use the most. All the equipment in house is custom made to your container at no cost to you. Cleaning is performed using dried filtered compressed air in very high air flow exhausted rooms pulling a vacuum. This method is used on both lined and unlined bags. Quite often after being dry-cleaned the bag then has a new polyethylene liner inserted. Liners can be inserted loose or attached by whatever method you choose (sewing, Gluing, tying etc).

We collect the residual product and it can be returned to your facility if required.

Bulk bag liner

All different types of liners are kept in stock (Tube, Form fit, Cube and sleeves). We have custom methods for installing depending on the liner type and the features on the container. One thing is for certain we can perform any method you currently use. We can source all liner types.


We have all different types of sewing machines on site to tackle anything that might need modified, repaired or replaced. All Bag components are kept in stock to facilitate fast turn around times.

Wet wash/Laundry

With this method of cleaning all residual product, exterior stains and odors are removed. The right detergent is selected depending on your product. The bags are air dried using very little or no heat.

This is a higher cost service.

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