There are several factors that have to be analyzed carefully to see if a program can even be put into place and whether any savings and cost reductions can be brought to the bottom line. As a company we understand that refurbishing only works when a combination of factors click.  This is why we offer all types of FIBC packaging with a vast array of pricing to ensure your packaging costs are kept at the lowest possible. The majority of the time it only makes sense to recycle when you have large customers close to a recycling facility. In today’s market with low pricing of new containers and increasing freight costs trucking has become one of the biggest factors. As you will see and understand refurbishing is not for everyone and only after we study the data can we advise you on the most cost effective way forward.

Listed below are the factors that have to be considered when looking at refurbishing:

  1. Contamination

  2. Initial cost of the container

  3. The quantity of new bags being filled annually

  4. The amount of end-users receiving the container

  5. There location within the United States

  6. The size of your customer

  7. The amount of space your customer has to store

  8. Customers/end user participation

  9. Cost of waste disposal in that area

  10. Type of product /Supply MSDS

  11. Your Company responsibility to environmental issues and world resources

These are just some of the factors in the world of recycling. All accounts and companies are different in their business practices so there is no pricing chart. We would look at the application, quantity, product and build a detailed procedure/quote for your review. A trial order at no charge is recommended to truly see how simple it is to re-use packaging when CJB is involved. If your application makes sense to refurbish we offer a service where we visit your customer and educate them on how to use the CRF. Container Return Frame. This ensures that your bags are packaged securely and shipped in a contamination proof cover.

Click Here for complete Re-use Instructions

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